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Les Blakebrough SOUTHERN ICE

Three masters share their secrets for joining of Les Blakebrough SOUTHERN ICE

Les Blakebrough: Les joins cast handles to cups and slabs to thrown forms. He ensure that the pieces to be joined have the same moisture content, scores the surfaces and brushes on a small amount of defloculated slip. The pieces are then joined using moderate pressure. If the ware is going to be glazed, Les brushes a very dilute glaze mix around the join, allowing the glaze to penetrate any micro-cracks and ensures the final glaze to effectively wets all of the joins.

John Eagle: John attaches drawn handles to cups. The relatively high shrinkage of LBSI requires that care is taken when adding attachments. Ensure that the pieces to be joined have the same moisture content, roughen the surfaces with a tooth brush and use throwing slurry as a glue.

Ian Jones: Ian joins handles to mugs with high success. He pulls the handles, scores the surfaces to be joined, applies a little throwing slurry and fixes the handle to the mug. Once the handle has dried, Ian brushes its entire surface with hot wax. The body of the mug around the join is also coated with hot wax.