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Barbara Kaiser.

I came across Southern Ice originally because I was searching for a porcelain body which is stable and hard enough to produce my vessels with inlay technique - neriage/ nerikomi/ millefiori. No other material available in Europe is as suitable.
The extra "present" was then the wonderful translucency, which inspired me to light objects of all kinds in carving technique.


artist: Barbara Kaiser
title: bowl Caribbean Dance
year: 2010
clay: Southern Ice, neriage technique

artist: Barbara Kaiser
title: mugs '"Zebra"
year: 2010
clay: Southern Ice with oxides, neriage technique

artist: Barbara Kaiser
title: lightobject Round Dance
year: 2010
clay: Southern Ice, carving technique

artist: Barbara Kaiser
title: necklace with porcelain beads
year: 2010
clay: Southern Ice with oxides

artist: Barbara Kaiser
title: porcelain figurine Empresses
year: 2009
clay: Southern Ice

Thanks for presenting my work on your website, if possible - include thelink to my website!I love working with your Southern Ice - thank you so much for producing sucha wonderful material'!'