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Technical Information Sheets.

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CLAYWORKS            UNIMIN            OTHERS
Earthernware and Terracotta clays   Alumina Hydrate AH50    
Mid-fire body clays   Ball Clay FX    
Porcelaineous clays   Ball Clay R    
Porcelaineous Stoneware clays   Bentonite    
Sculptural clays   Calcined Alumina CA100    
Stoneware clays   Calcined Alumina CA300    
  Calcite Unical 10    
  Clay Ceram    
    Glass Cullet 150    
    Silica 100G    
    Silica 200G    
    Silica 200WQ    
    Silica 300G    
    Silica 300WQ    
    Silica 400G    
    Talc T30A    
    Talc T45B    
    "Silica and you" pamphlet