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A collection of ideas...



  • Cutting and Trimming clay slab, -Use a Pizza cutter that rolls, compressing the edge and cuts rather than a knife that drags & tears the edge.  Also try lubricating your cutter with kerosene.
  • An easy way to lift clay slabs is by rolling them around a rolling pin.  This allows minimal & consistent stretching.
  • An easy way to keep slip for joining slabs of clay is an old sauce bottle with a twist nozzle.  Just squirt slip onto areas required.  Alternately use a cake decorator bag & nozzle.
  • Cracks appearing on joins of clay is often excess slip rather than the join. To remove excessive slip, use a foam brush or soft hair brush.
  • To remove finger marks & seam lines, a small wooden or plastic wallpaper roller will work extremely well.
  • Roll a tennis ball in bowls or plates to smooth surface or likewise use a golf ball for a textured surface.
  • Elastic bandages are a great support during the drying process as they move as the clay shrinks.
  • Balloons blown up to different levels serve as excellent shapes for moulds or support for structures.
  • Twisted lengths of newspaper are great for supports around the sides of shallow bowls, or tightly twisted newspapers stuffed inside hollow forms re an excellent support also.
  • Drinking straws make excellent armatures for small pieces.
  • If using a wooden rolling pin on clay to avoid sticking, place a piece of plastic on the clay.
  • Drying tables - Stack around 6 high with a piece of Cement sheet (Hardiflex) inbetween & a weight on top to avoid warping.
  • Styrofoam boxes & meat trays are excellent for drying slab forms.