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Colour and Glaze

CLAYWORKS has available a range of glazes suitable for differing application techniques at both Earthenware & Stoneware temperatures.   Most glazes are available mixed up whilst some are available as powders.

Premixed brush-on glazes allow easy application to difficult or complex forms with a minimum outlay and little waste.

Dipping glazes are quick and easy to apply but require a greater volume to enable a piece to be dipped. They are also used for spraying.  Matt, Satin and Gloss finishes are available in the range of clear glazes. Some whites are also available.

Colours are available as LIQUID PAINTING COLOURS (LPC) and can be applied by brush to green or bisque ware prior to glazing. These colours can be intermixed and are suitable for both Earthenware & Stoneware temperatures.

A premixed range of coloured brush-on Earthenware glazes also offers simple effective colour application.

For the more adventurous alchemist, Clayworks stocks a wide range on oxides, frits, stains and raw materials for those wishing to formulate their own glazes.