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Replacing safety probe

Usually if a problem occurs keeping the flame alight while depressing the flame safety button, it indicates a fault in either the flame safety valve or the probe. It is possible for the potter to replace the probe however if a faulty valve is suspected, a gasfitter should be engaged or the burner returned to the place of purchase. If the burners are correctly mounted away from the hot kiln face, the probe should last many years. Consistent faults with the probe indicates some other prime cause.

There are several probe types and various means of holding them securely to the main burner tip or the pilot. Various thread sizes are also available however the standard kiln burner probe has an 8 mm thread and is 600 mm long. This probe will be supplied unless advised otherwise.

It is important to remember these main points:

  1. The small nut attached to the probe end must be screwed into the safety unit body by hand and then tightened 1/2 turn only. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.
  2. Approx. 5 mm of the probe tip only should be inserted in the flame. Damage and loss of sensitivity can result if the probe is not correctly positioned.
  3. Check that the probe end that fits into the safety valve is not dirty and the thread is not damaged. There must be a good electrical connection. Do not use thread sealant.