Gary Turner

Gary Turner studied art at Caulfield Institute. He won the prestigious Walkley Award for art design and has had his work exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria. He also (see and read more)

John Ferguson

I work with SWE for it’s wide firing range and versatility in both throwing and slab construction. Initially, I used SWE for its whiteness, creating a “ghostly luminosity” in my (see and read more)

Owen Rye

I have for many years been working at improving color response in woodfiring, both in glazes and on the clay itself.  Rather than dull browns and tans I want reds, (see and read more)

Eve Close

Silken textured glazes paired with the rounded and elegantly flowing forms of birds have often been the inspiration for my porcelain vessels and sculptural forms. (see and read more)

Juliet Widdows

I love using MFQ clay, as it has real "tooth", strength and flexibility.  Whether I'm making a large platter, domestic ware, or eggshell fine pieces;  I know the clay will (see and read more)

Caribbean Dance by Barbara Kaiser

I came across Southern Ice originally because I was searching for a porcelain body which is stable and hard enough to produce my vessels with inlay technique - neriage/ nerikomi/ (see and read more)

Martin Halstead

WSS casting slip and Clayworks powdered stains. (see and read more)

Phil Elson

..and over there are the cranes of Sagrada (see and read more)

Sharon Romm

Vase, Lit from within  -  Southern Ice porcelain (Cone 10) (see and read more)

Tracey Mitchell

I use Southern Ice porcelain - I love working with it and don't think that anything beats its whiteness. (see and read more)

Hector Herrera

The first piece I made with Southern Ice, it measures approximately 18cm x 15cm x 7cm.  Fired to cone 10 in oxidation, unglazed and polished with silicon carbide abrasive paper. (see and read more)

Erin Lykos

I use MFQ because I need a very white clay body, but don't want to go to porcelain temperatures. I have found MFQ to be perfect for wheel throwing and (see and read more)

Chris Harford

I use TMK and Southern Ice for all my high fired work. They both give me everything I look for in a clay, strength, reliability and great colour response. (see and read more)

Bridget Bodenham

Southern Ice is heaven to use, its strength and translucency allows me to develop forms that I can only achieve using Southern Ice Porcelain. (see and read more)

Gary Turner John Ferguson Owen Rye Eve Close Juliet Widdows Caribbean Dance by Barbara Kaiser Martin Halstead Washing day by Kris Coad Mugs by Peter Pilven Phil Elson Sharon Romm Tracey Mitchell Hector Herrera Erin Lykos Chris Harford Bridget Bodenham